[Download] 10 Best Custom Roms For Samsung Galaxy S i9000


10 Best Custom Roms For Samsung Galaxy S i9000

[Download]10 Best Custom Roms For Samsung Galaxy S i9000

The list of Best Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 has been cut down and here we are with the most amazing and powerful Roms. This list of Roms was filtrated by our experts, adhering to all the factors concerning high performance. So go ahead and download the best and latest of the Roms below.


Having most updated kernel and rom,including newest apps and tweaks this Rom is an All in one package. Moreover this Rom has got  stability and simplicity. This Rom will install the latest features of Android 4.2.1 .Download it using the link given below.


Franzy’s Helly Bean 2

Due to its amazing success in its initial version, Franzy has released it’s new version, that is version 2. It will let you use Android 4.2.2 on your devices. Below are some screen shots.


Mackay ROM 2.8.8

Mackay Rom is known for its awesome performance as it has a great number of features with improved stability. Upgrade your phone to Android 4.2.2 using this Rom. For instructions on installing the Rom, go here.

FISHEARS Built for iNand

Is this ROM right for me?
If you have the fast iNand chip then, yes, because you’ll get more data storage space with no loss of speed If you have the MoviNand then maybe yes, maybe no. My advice is “Try it, you’ll love it!”.
To see which Nand you have look at the following file in a text viewer:

  • /sys/devices/platform/s3c-sdhci.0/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:0001/name
If the content starts with "S" then you have iNand. If it starts with "M" then you have MoviNand.



Vanilla Rootbox Build 6

This Rom will install Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Firmware on your device. Its an amazing Rom with loads of features. Download it right now !


C-RoM Mix 4.2.2 v14

You wont miss this chance to install this amazing and performance enhanced Rom. A lot of enhanced features have been added to the dictionary of this Rom.


VorteX 2.0 – by Team Tsunami

A very smooth and simple Rom, with great stability and smooth performance. It has got all the features of Android 4.2.2 working with great stability. Download it Now!!

CyanAOSP v2.0

A mixture of CyanogenMod and AOSP roms, with greater stability which developers will love. All the features are mixed up in this Rom. Download to experience the whole new Mobile computing.


Baked BlackBean-8

Well, nothing else we have to say for BlackBean. A worth trying Rom as best of the best features were added to this Rom by BlackBean Team.


It a very amazing technology masterpiece as it is a combination of CynogenMod and ParanoidAndroid Upstream changes. Download it Now!


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  • Jomar

    Work in galaxy S i9000T?

    • Roque

      Not Sure. Though you can give it a try. That won’t brick your device.

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    i use Sky Vega 760s So any one help me Perfact CM10 ROM

    please ask me
    i am waiting..!

  • Rusu Andrei

    Hi , can you help me installing beast rom ? I kinda need a tutorial or something :D